Peering with Proxility

Proxility maintains a generally open peering policy. Proxility believes that peering is important for the reliability and quality of its network. Peering usually increases redundancy, reduces latency, and thus improves quality for both parties at reduced costs.

Peering policies/guidelines

Proxility maintains a small set of guidelines concerning peering relations. Please note that this are only guidelines, no hard policies.

Traffic pattern

Proxility operates a network for its members, which are currently three independent Internet related businesses.

The Proxility network has a balanced traffic pattern. The Proxility network primarily carries the following traffic:

Peering details

General details

Organisation: Stichting Proxility
Address: Mauritslaan 77A
6161HS Geleen
The Netherlands
AS number: 43293
NOC e-mail:
Abuse e-mail:

IXP details

IPv4 Address:
IPv6 Address: 2001:7f8:1::A504:3293:1
Location: TelecityRedbus-2
The Netherlands
Connection type: 1000Base-SX

Prefix list

Prefix Origin ASN 43293

Selling us transit

During aquisition, lists of ISPs connected to a particular IXP are commonly a target for sales people trying to sell bandwith to those ISPs.

Proxility has some strict guidelines for buying transit. Proxility does not make the decision to buy transit from you, this decision is being made by the members of the Proxility foundation. Nevertheless, we evaluate our current and future transit needs quite often. If you want to make us an offer, please have a look at the following guidelines: